We are ensemble But What About, a band with a broad colourful vision. Our goal is to invite the audience to create a new perspective. By looking through different lenses and filters we reflect on the world around us.

For starters: we pick a theme, based on things that are part of our daily lives. We put these under different “prisms” to present our public with a diverse, energetic, and unexpected new angle. To achieve this, we thrive in collaboration, working together with artists in many other disciplines (dance, composition, theater, opera, painting, etc.). In our experience, 1+1 is often more than 3.

The ensemble works as refined as a classical music trio, with the energy of a rock band and the creativity of free-jazzer. We are constantly looking for extra dimensions in our sound with the use of synthesizers, drums, and guitar next to our usual set-up of (bass)clarinet, accordion and double-bass.

Our ideas have taken us to perform in several festivals across Europe like Gaudeamus Muziekweek, CTM Festival in Berlin, Grachtenfestival, Wonderfeel and many others.

P.S. - whenever we get funding, we play the song Money by Pink Floyd. If you're curious, give it a listen below!