But What About (BWA) is a contemporary music ensemble, based in The Hague (The Netherlands). The ensemble consists of clarinet/bass clarinet, accordion, double bass and percussion, but they experiment with other instruments and have occasional guest players to join their performances.

The ensemble But What About was born after winning the Grote Kamermuziekprijs 2016, in Rotterdam. Since then, BWA has performed in The Netherlands and Spain, including festivals such as Festival Classique and Kamermuziekfestival Den Haag.

BWA members have diverse cultural backgrounds (Dutch, Spanish, Swiss, and Colombian), and they have developed themselves individually and as an ensemble in myriad genres. These include contemporary classical music, jazz, world music, theatre, klezmer, and improvisation. All of these styles intersect in the unconventional cumulative sound of BWA to produce a fresh sound medium that triggers equally fresh musical ideas.

"But What About the Sound of Crumpling Paper..." by John Cage, one of the first pieces of the ensemble's repertoire, inspired a way of working: bringing new music to the audience by developing programs based around concepts, topics, open-discussions, performance research, and working with composers during the compositional process.

BWA is an ensemble committed to the future with core personnel and instrumentation: accordion, double bass, clarinets and percussion. BWA is dedicated to commissioning new music for this combination of instruments, in the form of duo, trio, quartet, or an expanded ensemble including guest musicians/artists.